Tarring works on the Chipata/Lundazi road have hit a snag.

Tarring works on the Chipata/Lundazi road will not be completed according to schedule.
And Sable Construction Company has heaped the blame on Bicon Consultant whom it has accused of not paying about 10 billion Kwacha to enable it work on deviations.
Sable Construction Company Site Manager, Maksudar Raham told Breeze FM Staffer, Naomi Mwimba that the company is using its own money to buy building materials.
He complained that this has been a big challenge adding that the contract period for the works, which are supposed to be completed in January next year needs to be extended.
The site manager however, says that about 65 per cent of the works have been done so far.
And when contacted for comment, Bicon Site Engineer, Sekani Longwe says funds have delayed but that this is not the cause of delay for the works.
Mr. Longwe says that about 50 per cent from a total of 97 billion Kwacha of the whole contract has been paid to Sable Construction Company.
He charged that Sable Construction Company was to blame for the delay because it has been importing construction materials like bitumen and stones.
Mr. Longwe however, agreed with the contractor that about five more months would be needed to complete the tarring works on the road.

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