Taxi drivers in Chadiza refuse to relocate

Taxi drivers in Chadiza district have refused to follow a directive from the council to operate from the New Bus Station.

Taxi drivers, who had a meeting with Council management and the District Commissioner on Monday refused to operate from the new bus station alleging that the station is meant for buses and not taxis.

Misheck Phiri and Kaliza Soko told Breeze News in Chadiza that the station is not conducive for taxis adding that it is a bit far from the market where they can easily get customers.

Mr. Soko says that taxi drivers will continue operating from the Old Market and that the station should be reserved for buses only.

He says that the station should be fully completed for it to start operating.

Chadiza District Council earlier this month ordered all the taxi drivers to move away from the taxi rank at the old market and start operating from the new bus station.


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