Taxi drivers in Chipata unhappy with Road Transport and Safety Agency operations.

Taxi drivers in Chipata District are not happy with the system being used by RTSA, Road Transport and Safety Agency to clamp down on traffic offenders.
The taxi drivers say that the system where RTSA chases traffic offenders around town is not good because an accident can occur any time due to panic.
James Sikazwe told Breeze FM that RTSA should intensify checkpoints instead of chasing around town law offenders, who are likely to cause an accident.
And Boniface Banda, another taxi driver says that RTSA should only be taking note of the car number plate and later follow up the offender.
Another taxi driver, who only identified himself as Justin, says police in the past used to put up road blocks in appropriate areas and not just anywhere. He accused RTSA of making business out of the checkpoints instead of helping them.
And when contacted, Public Relations Officer, Mercy Mwila said that RTSA will not allow taxi drivers to tell them how to carry out their operations.
Mrs. Mwila explained that RTSA has two systems of regulating traffic rules, the mounting of check points and motorised patrols.
She also said that she could not understand why traffic offenders should run away from RTSA, when they are aware that it could lead to accidents.

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