TBZ buys 77 metric tonnes of tobacco from independent growers

Tobacco Board of Zambia TBZ has only bought about 77 metric tonnes of tobacco from independent growers in Eastern Province.
TBZ Chief Executive Officer, Samson Muyembe has confirmed the development, stating that about 70 metric tonnes is flu cured tobacco while about 7 metric tonnes is burley.
Mr. Muyembe says that although the quantity bought is far below the 480,000 metric tonnes target, TBZ is optimistic that it will meet the target.
He explained that about 300 bales of tobacco have not yet been bought from NAMBOARD main floor.
And Mr. Muyembe says that farmers have been urged to quickly deliver their produce to the floor as TBZ does not want the extended tobacco marketing period to take long.
He explained that TBZ wants to avoid a situation where tobacco farmers from neighbouring countries also take advantage of the market to sell their tobacco.
Meanwhile Mr. Muyembe says that TBZ has not received any complaints over buying prices it is using, stating that the highest price is 30 Kwacha per kilogramme.

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