TBZ clarifies on tobacco market for 2016

The Tobacco Board of Zambia, TBZ says that it would love that all tobacco produced in Eastern Province be bought within the province.

TBZ Chief Executive Officer, Samson Muyembe, says that this is the reason why the board has engaged new buyers such as Ross Investments and Hilside companies to buy the crop in Eastern Province.

Mr. Muyembe says that tobacco farmers especially the independent growers should be patient as the TBZ works out modalities to ensure their tobacco is bought within the province to avert the transportation charges that they may incur.

Meanwhile, Mr. Muyembe has advised farmers, who may have difficulties in understanding the exchange rate from US dollar to Zambian kwacha after selling their tobacco to seek help from TBZ officers at floors.

He was responding to concerns from some farmers, who feel buying tobacco in Kwacha would make to easier for them to negotiate with the buyers as they would fully understand the whole process.

And Mr. Muyembe says that TBZ is working with the Malawi Tobacco Control Commission to prevent smuggling of tobacco between the two countries.

He explained tobacco inspectors are on the ground to ensure that the trend is curbed.

Mr. Muyembe however, noted that it is not easy for the board to policy the movement because the border is porous and long.

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