TBZ deny intentions to open one tobacco floor

Tobacco Board of Zambia TBZ has denied reports that it will only open one floor this marketing season.

Chief Executive Officer, Samson Muyembe says that such reports are misleading because TBZ has not made a decision to only operate from Chipata Main floor.

He was responding to Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipata who has expressed concern over reports that TBZ, will only open Chipata floor during this year’s marketing.

The traditional leader says the move will disadvantage farmers in his area as it will not be easy for them to sell their tobacco.

Chief Chanje says that the move will also likely promote corruption in the selling process.

The chief says he will soon write to TBZ to express his displeasure over the decision.

He stated that he will not allow a situation where farmers from his area are forced to go all the way to Chipata to sell their crop.

Chief Chanje further says that such a move would promote defaulting among farmers as many would not pay back the loans.

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