Teachers unhappy with government’s delay to effect responsibility allowances.

The Zambia National Union of Teachers ZNUT in Chipata is disappointed with the failure by the Ministry of Education to effect responsibility allowances to the deserving teachers in the district.

District Chairperson, Isaac Ngoma says that most teachers were expectant that they would receive this allowance this month but indications are that this has not been done.

Mr. Ngoma says that the teachers in the district therefore, demand an explanation from the Ministry considering the fact that they have not been paid this allowance from the month of January.

He also says that ZNUT demands that the Ministry explains to the affected teachers the practical steps government will take to ensure that this allowance is paid.

Mr. Ngoma says that ZNUT finds it difficult to understand why this should be a problem every year.

He has strongly advised the Ministry that sluggishness in facilitating teachers allowances has potential to demotivate the general work force as they do not feel appreciated for all the hard work and this in turn may have an effect on learner performance

Mr. Ngoma says that this is because instead of the teachers spending more time in class to attend to learners, they will devote more hours making follow ups on such matters.

Responsibility allowance is paid to teachers who are diploma holders but are handling senior secondary school classes or those holding a primary school diploma but teaching in a secondary school

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