Teachers warned against using social media in class.

The Ministry of Education has warned teachers against using social media during class time.

Ministry of Education Spokesperson, Hilary Chipango told Breeze News that teachers have the right to use social media during their free time.

Mr. Chipango says teachers who will be found using social media instead of teaching while in class risk not being granted a teaching practicing license by the Teaching Council of Zambia.

Mr. Chipanago says his office has received reports of teachers not concentrating on teaching because they are fond of using WhatsApp and Facebook during lesson time but can only act if the reports come from supervisors in the schools.

He says such conduct is not good for it has a negative effect on the pupils, adding that disciplinary action will be taken on such teachers if they are reported by their supervisors.

Mr. Chipango has appealed to school supervisors to be closely monitoring teachers in class and ensure that they conduct lessons accordingly.

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