Temporary closure of main road in Mambwe district annoys Movement for Multi-Party Democracy.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD in Mambwe district has expressed worry with closure of the main road between Chisengu to Mambwe Boma.
Speaking to Breeze News, MMD Chairperson Zefenia Kaleya says there is no way government would allow closure of the road to a key area where there is a district hospital and a boarding school.
Mr. Kaleya says Sable Contractors was supposed to make detours within the roadsides because it will now be difficult to get to the hospital quickly with emergency cases.
He says people in the area are now inconvenienced as they are forced to use Chisengu-Mzinga route via Mambwe boma to Mfuwe.
Mr. Kaleya called on government to intervene by directing Sable Construction Company to make deviations to ensure that there is easy access to Kamoto Mission hospital.
Sable Construction Company could not be reached for comment by News time.

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