The 20th UNWTO general assembly officially closed by President Michael Sata.

The 20th United Nations World Tourism Organization UNWTO general assembly was Wednesday evening officially closed with Zambia and Zimbabwe pledging to follow up on the resolutions made.
Republican President, Michael Sata and his Zimbabwean counterpart Robert Mugabe described the general assembly as a historical event.
Officially closing the general assembly, President Sata said that the UNWTO had opened new possibilities in the tourism sector to improve the livelihood of people.
He said that the PF, Patriotic Front government is committed to improving tourism by streamlining regulatory requirements and investing in infrastructure like rail, airport and communication.
Mr. Sata appealed to the delegates who attended the general assembly to ensure that they quickly follow up on the activities discussed.
And speaking earlier, President, Robert Mugabe said that the historic attendance of the 20th UNWTO general assembly co-hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe was endorsement of the two country’s destination in the tourism sector.
Mr. Mugabe called for continued corporation among countries not only in the SADC, Southern Africa Development Community but in the whole of Africa.
The Zimbabwean leader also took time to dispel rumors that the Victoria Falls was a dangerous place to visit, stating that those who attended the general assembly should now become ambassadors of what Zambia and Zimbabwe have to offer.
Mr. Mugabe emphasized that Zimbabweans and Zambians were not terrorists and meant no harm to anyone but were seeking peace, respect and partnership with developed countries.
Meanwhile UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai said that the decisions made during the general assembly would lead to common objectives until the next UNWTO general assembly to be hosted by Colombia or Cambodia in 2015.

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