The Anti-Corruption Commission arrests a man of Solwezi District for corrupt practices involving 1000 Kwacha.

The Anti-Corruption Commission ACC has arrested a man of Solwezi District in Lubanzi Village for corrupt practices involving 1000 Kwacha.
ACC Public Relations Manager, Timothy Moono has confirmed the arrest of Peter Siamweemba, aged 31 in a statement to Breeze News.
Mr. Moono says that Siamweembahas been arrested and charged with one count of Corrupt Practices by Private Person Contrary to the laws of Zambia.
Details are that Siamweemba, corruptly gave Mukotayi Mundia, a Zambia Police Public Prosecutor 1,000 Kwacha in order for him to facilitate a police bond for his nephew Clevious Chimwanga, who is in Police Custody for theft of a battery for a Generator.
The arrest comes after the matter was reported to the Commission yesterday, by Mr. Mundia, whom Siamweemba had earlier on approached.

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