The Anti- Corruption Commission has vowed to confiscate proceeds of graft from people involved.

The Anti- Corruption Commission, ACC says it is doing everything possible to ensure that all proceeds of corruption are confiscated from people involved.
ACC Eastern Province Community Education Officer, George Kaguya says that this is in line with the key area of the SADC, Southern Africa Development Community protocol on corruption known as the confiscation of proceeds of crime.
He says the proceeds of crime include cars, houses and cell phones.
Mr. Kaguya however, says that if the property that has been confiscated does not belong to the person being investigated, the original owner of that particular property has the right to claim it after 90 days of its confiscation.
He says that the aim of confiscating proceeds of graft is to ensure that corruption is a non-profitable venture.
Mr. Kaguya was speaking during a gender based violence and corruption training held in Chipata.

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