The Anti-Voter Apathy Project says that there is lack of political will to fight abuse of public funds.

The Anti-Voter Apathy Project AVAP in Eastern Province says the Auditor General’s report over misappropriation of public funds in public institutions is a challenging task for the Patriotic Front government.
Eastern Province, AVAP Coordinator, Maumba Ngoma says that there is need for government to show political will by fighting the abuse of public resources.
Mr. Ngoma says reports from the Auditors General office of abuse of funds by civil servants are not new but lack political will to stop them.
And Mr. Ngoma says that Civil Society Organisations have been calling for Freedom of Information bill and Anti-Corruption Commission Act to be passed, so that journalists can have freedom to access information from government institutions on financial matters.
He further says that if journalists can access financial information from government departments, many civil servants will have fear to abuse the money.

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