The Bank of Zambia assures Zambians that the country’s economy remains fundamentally strong and resilient.

The Bank of Zambia BOZ has assured people that the Zambian economy remains fundamentally strong and resilient.
BOZ Governor, Michael Gondwe says that the resilience has been demonstrated this year through the challenges faced in the foreign exchange market.
In a statement of condolence to the first family over the death of President, Michael Sata availed to Breeze News, Dr. Gondwe says that the Bank of Zambia mourns the tragic loss of the former head of state.
He says that at a time like this it is expected that the financial markets may become unsettled leading investors and individuals to take measures that reflect market uncertainty rather than any change in the fundamental strength and resilience of the economy.
Dr. Gondwe has disclosed that BOZ has already seen some of these uncertainties reflected in the foreign exchange market.
He however, assures that Zambia’s financial sector remains well capitalised and sound.
He says that BOZ will remain resolute in ensuring that it maintains macroeconomic stability that supports the continued growth and diversification of Zambia’s economy.
Dr. Gondwe has conveyed his deepest condolences to President Michael Sata’s family stating that BOZ joins them in prayer during such difficult times.

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