The banned tujilijili alcoholic drink re-surfaces secretly at Kapata Market in Chipata.

The banned tujilijili alcoholic drink is still being sold at Kapata Market in Chipata district.
Marketeers at Kapata Modern Market revealed this to Breeze News, which visited the trading area.
The traders explained that the tujilijili is being sold secretly as people are only seen drinking the sachet packaged alcoholic drink.
And the marketeers complained over the uncollected garbage at the market, stating that Chipata Municipal Council has not been consistent in removing the refuse.
And Chipata Municipal Council Public Relations Officer, Taonga Kaonga says that the local authority will follow up the matter because it is illegal for anyone to sell beer or any alcoholic drink in markets.
Meanwhile Ms. Kaonga says that the community is not helping the council in disposing off refuse, as they dump garbage carelessly.
Ms. Kaonga also says that the council is disappointed with people throwing garbage in Lunkhwakwa stream, which is a good source of water.

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