The contractor engaged to tar the Chipata-Chadiza road complains of serious financial challenges.

The company working on tarring the Chipata-Chadiza road has complained of facing serious financial challenges to execute the work.
China State Construction Engineering Corporation says that the last six months have been the most challenging because government is not releasing the money.
Company Project Manager Yimo Wang has told Breeze News that if the situation continues it might be difficult to complete the works according to the contract deadline.
However, early this week, Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone said that government had paid the contractor through the National Road Fund Agency, NRFA for the road works.
Mr Sichone said the Chinese construction company was paid the money to continue with the construction works.
The minister further advised other construction companies, whose works have stalled due to delayed funding to borrow some money so that works are not affected.

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