The contractor working on Lundazi Community Hospital has failed to meet the March 2015 deadline.

Works for the construction of the 8.7 million Kwacha Lundazi Community Hospital are reported to be moving at a slow pace.
This has worried government as further delay might compromise health service delivery at the current health facility in the district.
District Community Medical Officer, Dr. Allan Chisenga told Breeze News that his office is greatly concerned over the delay especially that the contractor is a Zambian, who knows the importance of completing the project on time.
Dr. Chisenga revealed that according to the contract, the hospital was supposed to be completed in December, 2013 but was extended to March, 2014 and then moved to March, 2015.
He also explained that government has paid the contractor up to 70 per cent of the total cost adding that the remaining amount is for works not certified.
And efforts to get a comment from Merit Engineer over the matter proved futile by news time.

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