The decision by cotton companies to engage bailiffs in recovering loans shocks government

Government has expressed ignorance on the issue of cotton companies engaging bailiffs to collect loans from defaulting farmers.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo told Breeze News that he was aware that some cotton farmers have not managed to pay back the loans to their supporting companies but he did not know that it will get to the extent of engaging bailiffs in the matter.
Mr. Kasolo says that he is disappointed that no one from the farmers or the cotton companies informed him about the idea of engaging bailiffs.
He explained that government will look into the matter and see how best it can be resolved so that it benefits both the farmer and the cotton companies.
Some farmers from Nthope Ward in Chipata last week complained to Breeze News that cotton supporting companies have engaged bailiffs to recover their loans.
The farmers appealed to government to intervene in the matter, saying it is not their fault that the crop performed poorly, adding that they will be paying back the loans in bits.

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