The Disabled in Chipata challenged to manage their own lives and that of their families.

Disabled people in Chipata have been urged to succeed in looking after themselves and their families.


Breeze FM Managing Director and Station Owner, Mike Daka says that this is the only way that the disabled will make a meaningful contribution to society and the development of Zambia.

Speaking when he met the differently abled in Chipata, Mr. Daka said that human beings are all equal despite the nature of their appearance.

Mr. Daka said that every human being must know how to set their goals because most people spend their lives waiting for things to happen.

He said that most of the time, the people who wait have nothing or very little and spend most of the time suffering and complaining and expecting other people to help them.

Mr. Daka also urged the disabled to be listening to various programmes on radio and learn things that can be useful to their lives.

Breeze FM is currently running a campaign to assist the Disabled raise 61,000 Kwacha, which is needed to connect power to their hammer mill.

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