The disabled in Chipata demand full representation during elections.

The disabled in Chipata have charged that in future elections, there will be need to ensure that the physically challenged are fully represented during the voting process.

Mathews Tembo, a member of the Zambia Federation of the Disabled, says the absence of people who can fully understand the needs of the physically challenged people, such as those requiring sign language, posed a serious challenge to the deaf.

Mr. Tembo said this during a good governance program on Breeze FM.

He explained that due to poor communication, most people who are deaf failed to vote correctly, contributing to the high number of rejected votes.

Mr. Tembo also called for newly elected leaders to ensure that they embrace the disabled and ensure that they are fully involved in developmental projects.

He noted that in the past, the physically challenged have not really been brought on board to fully participate in developmental projects and governance.

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