The entire MMD Malambo Constituency executive committee suspended.

The entire MMD Malambo Constituency executive committee in Mambwe district has been suspended with immediate effect for destabilizing the party.
The MMD has also suspended vice Mambwe district treasurer Maurice Sasu.
District Secretary Moses Mwale confirmed the development to Breeze News.
Mr Mwale says the decision to suspend the entire Malambo Constituency executive committee and Mr Sasu was resolved during a district executive committee meeting held yesterday.
He explained that the district leadership was prompted to take the decision after receiving shocking news that about ten ward committees had resigned to join UPND, United Party for National Development and NAREP, The National Restoration Party.
The committees are reported to have taken the decision to ditch the former ruling party because the constituency executive committee was making unnecessarily reshuffles of party officials, which brought confusion.
Meanwhile the district executive committee has reinstated all elected members who were illegally removed from their positions.
Mr Mwale says this move has seen some of the members who had left the party re-joining the MMD.
And Mr Mwale says the party has appointed Edward Banda as a care taker chairperson for Malambo constituency while Kasamanda ward councillor Phile Mbewe has been appointed constituency treasurer.

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