The fight for power in the MMD party in Eastern Province has deepened.

Confusion has deepened in the MMD, Movement for Multi- Party Democracy in Eastern Province on who is supposed to be the party provincial chairperson.
Provincial Secretary, Samuel Lugomo Phiri and provincial vice treasurer, Jacob Mwanza are both claiming to be provincial chairperson.
Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Phiri dismissed a statement from Mr. Mwanza that he has been suspended, arguing that Mr. Mwanza has no powers to suspend him.
He says that Mr. Mwanza should stick to his new position of vice provincial chairperson and stop misleading people that he is the provincial party leader.
Mr. Phiri further indicated that Mr. Mwanza who opted to support UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema during the January 20, presidential election with few other NEC, National Executive Committee members has not been welcomed back in the party.
However last week, Mr. Mwanza issued a statement as provincial chairperson stating that during local government elections, the PF misled itself by trusting suspended members, who were just attracted to help the ruling party because of money.
Mr. Mwanza explained that officials from the MMD and PF never met to discuss the issue of fielding one candidate in the Msandile local government election.
He said that instead, some suspended MMD members hijacked the whole process and deceived the PF that they would assist the ruling party to win.

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