The formed Conflict Resolution Committee says it has no intention to discredit Mangani led PF interim executive.

The Conflict Resolution Committee set up to resolve misunderstandings in the ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party in Eastern Province says that it has no intentions to discredit the interim executive.

Provincial Minister, Malozo Sichone says that the committee is only interested in resolving the misunderstandings so that old and new members of the PF can co-exist.

And Mr. Sichone says that none of the suspended officials and members of the interim executive have been included in the conflict resolution committee because they are interested parties.

He says that the Conflict Resolution Committee will interview both parties to understand the root cause of their misunderstandings.

Meanwhile the interim committee has maintained that it will only support the Conflict Resolution Committee if it does not include aggrieved parties.

Interim Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary, Teleka Chirwa also says that PF members in Eastern Province need to understand that the interim provincial executive was put in place to ensure that the party prepares adequately for the four pending by-elections in Eastern Province.

He has revealed that the party will hold a provincial convention after the by-elections.

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