The Grand Coalition in Eastern Province backs national committee on constitution

The Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution in Eastern Province has backed its national committee on the decision not to support the parliamentary route of adopting a new constitution.
Provincial Chairperson, John Mthaziko Zulu says that the coalition views the decision to adopt a new constitution through parliament as unfaithful.
In a statement availed to Breeze News, Mr. Zulu has charged that Zambians have not forgotten that it is through parliament, where the previous constitution making process failed.
And Mr. Zulu says that the coalition will watch closely members of parliament from Eastern Province who will debate in support of a bill that does not even guarantee the rights of their electorates.
He has also accused cabinet of having misdirected the president on the constitution making process adding that MPs through parliament should correct the situation.
Mr. Zulu has further explained that the coalition expects that the constitution should be one of the areas where Zambians should reconcile following the declaration of the Day of National Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation.
He has advised President Edgar Lungu to call for a stakeholders meeting to iron out differences on the constitution making process.
Mr. Zulu has further called on MPs from Eastern Province to meet the grant coalition in the region over the new constitution.

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