The House of Chiefs says that meetings between President Michael Sata and traditional leaders will help the president to understand challenges that people in rural areas face.

The House of Chiefs says that President Michael Sata’s continued meetings with chiefs will help him to have an understanding of challenges and experiences that people in rural areas face.
House of Chiefs chairman, Chief Madzimawe, told Breeze News that meeting traditional leaders, is the best way the president will be getting constant briefings on matters affecting rural parts of the country.
Chief Madzimawe who described the move as positive, also explained that chiefs are part and parcel of any government.
He said that it is therefore important that traditional leaders are constantly engaged and consulted on matters of national importance, just as President Sata is doing.
The House of Chiefs chairperson urged chiefs in the country to continue supporting and working with the government of the day, in this case, the PF government in order to enhance development in their areas.

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