The media accused of using gender based violence cases to bring down women.

The media has been accused of using gender based violence cases to bring down women.
Young Women Christian Association YWCA Coordinator, Dorothy Ndhlovu says gender based violence cases involving women are usually portrayed negatively by the media.
She has charged that the media take particular interest in cases involving females and avoid those affecting males.
Mrs. Ndhlovu says that pictures of negative dressing of men in night clubs is never published in newspapers compared to those of women, which she says has a physiological effect on women.
She was speaking this morning at a media engagement meeting held in Chipata and organised by NGOCC.
Meanwhile the NGOCC is engaging the media to see how best information concerning women can be brought out.
The NGOCC says that it has embarked on this path after observing that almost 80 per cent of women stories coming out in the media are on the negative side.
NGOCC Liaison Officer for Eastern and Central Provinces, Mulenga Kambafwile says that very little is being done on success stories of women.
Mr. Kambafwile however, described the media as a very important component in the development of the country adding that this was the reason why NGOCC wants to build relations.

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