The Meteorological Department deny reports that Zambia will experience heat waves.

The Meteorological Department has dismissed reports that Zambia will experience serious heat waves.
Provincial Meteorological Officer, John Londolo has advised people to ignore the reports because they are misleading.
Mr. Londolo says that according to data from his office, no such thing will happen apart from the normal hot conditions, which the country experiences during this time of the year.
He says that the Meteorological Department is surprised with where people that have been issuing such statements got their data.
Mr. Londolo emphasized that the Meteorological Department has authenticated data on the weather pattern after studying what has been happening in previous years.
However, the reports about heat waves have suggested the hot temperatures would reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius with Eastern Province being one of the most hit.
But Mr. Londolo says such information is not authenticated and should be ignored.

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