The Ministry of Education concerned with the low literacy levels in the country.

The Ministry of Education has expressed concern with the low literacy levels in the country.
Ministry of Education Deputy Minister, David Maumba has revealed that out of 15 countries that participate in the SADC mechanism of checking literacy survey, Zambia is on number 13.
Mr. Maumba says that these poor reading culture and high illiterate levels have largely contributed to the poor school results.
The deputy minister explained that heads of education institutions must strictly supervise teachers in order to help improve the results.
He said this in an interview with Breeze News.
Meanwhile, Mr. Maumba called for a quick solution to the problem of crowding in classrooms in most schools in Chipata district.
He says that crowding in classrooms is not healthy as it undermines the quality of education due to the huge Teacher-Pupil ratio.
He explained that while new schools are being built in various parts of the country, his ministry needs to quickly find other ways of ensuring that only the required number of pupils is placed per classroom.

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