The Ministry of Health embarks on the Zambia Demographic Health Survey.

The Ministry of Health has embarked on the Zambia Demographic Health Survey.
Speaking to journalists, Provincial Medical Officer, Kennedy Malama explained that the survey is done by looking at a selected population, or group which is scientifically chosen.
The survey is meant to provide information which will help to monitor the population, and the health situation, in Zambia.
Dr. Malama says that the results are used by policy makers to lobby for resources, and facilitate better provision of service.
He says that the team will be collecting information on fertility, family planning, childhood mortality, and infant mortality considering that Eastern is one of the provinces, with the highest fertility rate.
The team will also collect data on HIV and AIDS, knowledge and behaviour and aspects of counselling and testing.
And Eastern Province Regional Statistician, Zex Siamukompe says that 86 areas, from the working areas of the districts in the province, have been selected.
Meanwhile, National Technical Committee Member, Jacob Mulenga, stated that the survey is meant to capture about 37,000 people.
Dr Mulenga also observed that Eastern Province faces a challenge in maternal fistula especially in rural areas.
He explained that programme managers need to know how best the new infections can be prevented.

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