The MMD in Eastern Province condemns political violence in Mkaika parliamentary by-election.

The Movement for Multi- Party Democracy, MMD in Eastern has condemned the political violence that characterised the Mkaika parliamentary by-election.
MMD Provincial Secretary, Samuel Lugomo Phiri, says that the MMD is deeply concerned with the alarming stage at which political violence has reached in the country.
Mr. Phiri says that the alarming political violence if left uncontrolled will spark terrible and uncontrollable civil strife.
Mr. Phiri was speaking this morning, during a press briefing organised by the MMD at Bwezani Farm in Chipata.
Mr. Phiri says that the political violence during the July 25th Chipata Central by-election and the September 5th Mkaika by-election are good examples of the political violence which is not right in a democratic country.
He charged that MMD members have been victims of this violence especially the one in Mkaika Constituency.
Mr. Phiri has called on MMD members in the Province to continue resisting the violence in order to maintain peace in the party and the country at large.
And speaking at the same press briefing, Former Republican President, Rupiah Banda’s son, Andrew says that he will take legal action against ZNBC, the Zambia National Broadcasting Co-operation and the Zambia Daily Mail for biased reporting.
Mr. Banda says that this is because ZNBC and Zambia Daily Mail did not get his comment on the story they carried concerning the violence that occurred during the Mkaika by-election.
Mr Banda, who was arrested and charged with two counts of wounding two Patriotic Front members in Katete, is expected to appear in court on Thursday.

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