The MMD in Eastern Province deny reports that it has stopped to exist as a party.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD in Eastern Province has dismissed reports that it has stopped to exist as a political party.

Spokesperson Zephaniah Kaleya has also denied reports suggesting that all the 16 Members of Parliament who have endorsed President Edgar Lungu for the August 11 general elections have ditched MMD.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr Kaleya says that he has received a number of queries from MMD members on the endorsements by the MPs.

He says that the party in the province decided to back president Lungu because of the internal leadership confusion that has engulfed NEC, the National Executive Committee for the former ruling party.

And Mr Kaleya says that PF and MMD will have to agree on how to handle the issue of candidates that will contest the elections at parliamentary and local government level.

He says that one of the MMD proposals is that MMD contests positions in areas where it is more popular and PF does the same in its strongholds.

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