The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy describes arrest of former President, Rupiah Banda as violation of justice.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD says it is greatly disappointed with the arrest of former President, Rupiah Banda.
MMD Provincial Chairperson, Samuel Lugomo Phiri has charged that Mr. Banda’s arrest is a clear violation of human rights and fair justice.
Mr. Phiri has told Breeze News that MMD cannot understand why government has ignored the law, because the former head of state took the matter of lifting his immunity to court.
He claimed that the government joint investigative team grilled Mr. Banda with about 132 questions last week, but failed to find any tangible evidence to warrant an arrest.
And President Banda’s international lawyer Robert Amsterdam has described the arrest of his client as a “desperate” and “politically motivated” action designed to persecute and defame potential opposition leaders.
He says that given government’s exceedingly poor record on anti-corruption issues among sitting ministers, the international community should not take such accusations at face value.

Mr. Amsterdam has charged that the PF government is using a systematic plan to eliminate anyone who stands in the way of the PF’s determination to return Zambia to a one-party state, and the international community should be very concerned about the unlawful abuses taking place.
Mr. Banda was arrested yesterday in connection with procurement of the Nigerian oil and charged with abuse of authority.
The former head of state, who is expected to be interrogated further, next week on Thursday by the government joint investigative team is today appearing in court.

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