The Movement for Multiparty Democracy in Eastern Province says that the party is not shaken with misunderstandings that are going on at national level.

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy, MMD, in Eastern Province, says that the party in the region is not shaken with misunderstandings that are going on at national level.
MMD provincial chairman, Alexander Miti, says that the MMD in Eastern Province has remained united and that party structures have continued working normally.
However, Mr. Miti told Breeze News that the party in the region is waiting for the heavens to quickly resolve the misunderstandings between party President, Nevers Mumba and national secretary, Major Richard Kachingwe.
Mr. Miti emphasised that decisions such as invalidating the election of party president can only be announced after wide consultations.
He wondered how Major Kachingwe could have decided to invalidate the election of Dr. Mumba as party president, as no party leader can make unilateral decisions.
Drama in the MMD started on Saturday, after party national secretary, Major Richard Kachingwe wrote a letter to the national executive committee on his decision as party chief executive, that he had invalidated the election of Dr. Nevers Mumba as party president.
But Dr. Mumba later reacted by announcing that he had expelled Major Kachingwe from the MMD.
Major Kachingwe was also dragged out of his office at the MMD secretariat by some youths.
Later, Major Kachingwe reported the youths to Lusaka Central Police, prompting the Zambia Police to deploy officers at his house to give him 24 hours security protection.
Both Dr. Mumba and Major Kachingwe have also maintained that they will not leave their positions.

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