The number of stray dogs roaming the streets of Chipata described as alarmingly high.

The number of stray dogs roaming the streets of Chipata has reached an alarming proportion.
This has brought much concern to the Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu.
Speaking to Breeze News, Mr Zulu says it has been decided that all dogs in Chipata be registered, as a means of ensuring that district does not have a rabies outbreak.
He says all dog owners have been given 2 weeks to ensure that their dogs are registered, failure to which the council together with the police will survey the streets and put down any dogs they find without registration.
Mr. Zulu says that each dog will be given a chain and a collar with the details of the owner as part of the registration exercise and that this will attract a fee of 65 Kwacha.
He says that it is against the law for people to own more than two dogs, and that those that do, will be fined for each extra dog.
Registration started on Thursday and is being carried out by Chipata Municipal Council in conjunction with the Veterinary department.

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