The number of wards in Sinda and Kapoche Constituencies has increased.

The delimitation exercise conducted in Sinda district has seen a lot of changes with the number of wards increasing in Sinda and Kapoche constituencies.
And Sinda District Commissioner, Paradious Sakala says the new constituency created after the delimitation exercise is called Kaumbwe and falls under Petauke district.
Speaking to Breeze News, Mr Sakala says that Sinda which had 7 wards now has 8 while Kapoche Constituency, which had four wards, now has 9.
He says that the new ward for Sinda is called Chilongozi while the five new wards for Kapoche are Chamakubi, Chingiliza, Kapungwe, Kamwaza, and Lwandazi.
And Mr Sakala noted that there is need for serious sensitisation to be carried out in the area especially that the levels of literacy are low in the district.
He says that people will need to understand the changes, which have seen some areas, which were under Sinda moving to Kapoche in Petauke district.

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