The outbreak of anthrax in Lwambe Game Park in Lundazi and Chama districts has been controlled.

The outbreak of anthrax in Lwambe Game Park situated between Lundazi and Chama district has been controlled.
And provincial Veterinary Officer, Dr. Author Mumbolomena says that samples taken from dead hippos have confirmed that the disease, which was killing the animals, was anthrax.
Dr. Mumbolomena says that some hippos were reported to have been dying in Lwambe Game Park when the river dried up.
Dr. Mumbolomena says that the results for anthrax are positive but no human being has been affected because they did not eat or touch the animal.
Dr. Mumbolmena says that the situation has been controlled with the onset of the rains because the river is now full and animals are scattered in the river.
He says that anthrax usually breaks out in the hot season when there is little water in the river, because animals gather at one place for water, which is normally not healthy for them.
Meanwhile, the Veterinary Department in Eastern Province have refuted reports of an outbreak of East Coast Fever in Sinda district.
Dr. Mumbolomena says that if there are any reports of animals dying, then it means that the owners may not have taken them for vaccination against East Coast Fever.

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