The Patriotic Front government has described its two years in power as successful.

The Patriotic Front government says it has scored success in the two years in has been in power.
Provincial Minister, Malozo Sichone has told Breeze News that the PF government has embarked on a number of projects while creating jobs in the two years it has been in power.
Mr. Sichone has cited the completed Chadiza District Hospital and Lundazi District Hospital and Chama district hospital, which are under construction as some of the most important projects.
He also says that government has taken over the construction of over all the health posts, which were started under the MMD government.
Mr. Sichone further explained that government has drilled 286 boreholes across Eastern Province from 2011 until date.
The provincial minister also indicated that the construction of secondary schools in various parts of Eastern Province was another indicator of PF’s commitment to its campaign promises.
Mr. Sichone says that government’s decision to repossess ZAMTEL and intervene in the sale of Finance Bank has assisted to safeguard employment for people who could have lost their jobs.

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