The Patriotic Front Party has dispelled assertions of being favoured by police.

The Patriotic Front PF Party in Eastern Province has dispelled assertions that it is being favoured whenever violence breaks out among political cadres.
Commenting on UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema’s letter to President Edgar Lungu, Provincial Chairperson, Attan Mwamba, observed that it is not true that PF members are favoured, as several of them have been arrested and appeared in court just like members of other parties.
He says that PF members are well disciplined and do not engage in violence.
Mr. Mwamba says that assertions that President Lungu is not disciplining unruly PF cadres and that the freedom of speech and assembly is being infringed in Zambia are not true.
He explained that President Lungu is a qualified lawyer and respects the country’s constitution.
Mr. Mwamba also wondered why Mr. Hichilema is saying that Zambia’s economy is in shambles, when he recently boasted that his business is doing fine.
In his letter to republican President, Edger Lungu dated July 17, Mr. Hichilema highlighted a number of challenges that Zambia is currently facing.
Mr. Hichilema explained that political leaders and Mr. Lungu in particular as republican president, must lead by example and condemn any acts of violence.
He observed that President Lungu is preaching the One Zambia One nation slogan, while at the same time, is not disciplining gun-running PF cadres and Secretary General, Davies Chama for his offensive remarks to Zambian citizens.

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