The Patriotic Front Party wants Dora Siliya and Maxwell Mwale to be disqualified from re-contesting their seats.

The Patriotic Front PF Party Youth Wing has backed Transparent International Zambia’s statement to question ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia, why it is allowing parliamentary candidates who have been found with corrupt cases to re-contest their seats, contrary to the provision of the law.
PF Copperbelt Youth Secretary, Chanda Kabwe says that ECZ should explain why Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Reuben Mtolo Phiri was allowed to re-contest the seat after being found guilty of a corruption case.
In a press statement availed to Breeze News Mr. Kabwe further says that if the ECZ are not giving a proper explanation on the matter, it means that it has allowed political parties not to follow the ECZ act number 22 of 2006.
The ECZ act number 22 bars candidates who have been found guilty of any corruption and illegal activity by the courts of law from re-contesting their seats.
He adds that if act number 22 of 2006 is followed by political players, it will mean that former Petauke Central Member of Parliament, Dora Siliya and former Malambo Member of Parliament, Maxwell Mwale will not be allowed to re-contest their seats.

Mr. Kabwe has advised ECZ to be impartial in administrating elections in the country and cleanse itself of elements that are allowing their partisan inclinations to distort their objectivity, adding that it is wrong for ECZ to exaggerate the duration of a ZNBC presidential political advert.

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