The Patriotic Front Party will not interfere in the arrest of its members involved in the riot in Katete district.

The Patriotic Front PF Party says that it will not interfere in a matter, where some of its senior officials were arrested for rioters behaviour in Katete District.
Provincial Chairperson, Mike Tembo also says that the ruling party had nothing to do with the riot, which has seen about five of its senior members being arrested.
Mr. Tembo told Breeze News that any party member found guilty in the matter should face the full wreath of the law.
Katete residents on Thursday last week went on rampage looting and destroying property in shops in protest against the brutal murder of a grade twelve pupil at Katete Day Secondary School, Naomi Daka.
And Mr. Tembo has urged the police to take its stock of operations and be professional in their duties.
He says that it is important that the police flush out any corrupt elements in the service.
Mr. Tembo charged that there are some criminal cases where there is overwhelming evidence to prosecute suspects but they walk scot-free.
However, Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila last week dismissed statements that police investigating the murder of Naomi Daka did not do a god job because three suspects were arrested.

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