The Patriotic Front Party wins Tuesday’s by elections in Petauke Central and Malambo

The ruling PF Patriotic Front Party has won both the Petauke Central and Malambo parliamentary by-elections held yesterday.
In Petauke, PF’s Dora Siliya had a landslide victory polling 12,830 votes, followed by Allan Zulu for UPND who got 2,331 votes.
UNIP’s Igenious Phiri polled 259 votes.
Meanwhile in the Malambo parliamentary election, PF’s Jacob Shuma has polled 5,566 votes, followed by Peter Phiri for UPND who polled 3,842 votes.
Independent candidate, Florence Mwayopa polled 438 votes while Jairos Mchenga for UNIP was at the bottom with 181 votes.
Meanwhile in the Mulobezi parliamentary by-election, the race is between Patricia Mulasikwanda for PF and Hastings Sililo who are almost running neck to neck.
Muvi Television staffer, Clive Kalunga reports that results from 31 out of 34 polling stations, show Hastings Sililo for UPND with 3,071 votes while PF’s Patricia Mulasikwanda has 3,069 votes, a difference of only two votes.
Results from the three polling stations are expected soon and Breeze FM will update you as soon as they are out.

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