The problem of burial space in graveyards worsens in Chipata.

The problem of burial space has continued in graveyards in Chipata.
This is forcing mourners to bury their relatives in areas with old graves.
Some concerned residents told Breeze News that they are being forced to dig shallow graves for fear of tempering with remains of those who were buried before.
And one of the residents Abraham Zulu revealed that this has provided another challenge as dogs are exhuming the human bodies, a situation he described as disrespectful.
Mr Zulu says that it was a mental torture for mourners to see remains of their relatives being carried by dogs into compounds which are situated near graveyards.
Meanwhile Chipata Municipal Council Town Clerk Davies Musenge says the local authority is aware of the problem.
Mr Musenge says the council has already identified a site for a new graveyard adding that the matter is still under discussion.

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