The problem of delays in removing garbage at markets in Chipata district has resurfaced.

The problem of delays in collecting garbage at markets in Chipata district has resurfaced.
This has worried marketeers at Kapata Market, who have accused the local authority of not doing their part to ensure that they operate in a clean environment.
A check by Breeze News at Kapata Market found a heap of uncollected garbage, which is posing health danger to marketeers.
And Chipata Municipal Council Acting Town Clerk Mwape Katemwe says the truck that collects refuse has been down for some time.
Mr. Katemwe however, explained that plans were already underway to find an alternative solution to the problem.
And in responding to queries raised concerning the increased number of illegal vendors setting up stalls along Kafula Road, Mr Katemwe says that the situation has proved to be a challenge and that plans are underway to strategically locate them in a place with sanitary facilities.
He says that the council need to first come up with an alternative place for the illegal vendors before chasing them off the streets.

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