The RDA in Eastern Province allocated 410 million Kwacha in the 2015 National Budget.

The Road Development Agency RDA in Eastern Province has been allocated 410 million Kwacha under the 2015 National Budget.
Speaking during Budget Tracking Programme on Breeze FM this morning, Engineer for Planning and Design, Baldwin Banda says that this is 8 per cent of the total RDA Annual Work plan funding.
Mr. Banda says that the funding covers road projects like, Great East Road, Chipata – Chadiza -Katete, Chipata-Vubwi, Msanzala and some bridge works under force account.
He also explained the works on the Great East Road from Luangwa to Nyimba are at 26 per cent, Nyimba to Sinda at 31 per cent while those from Mtenguleni to Mwami border are at 47 per cent.
Rehabilitation of selected roads in Msanzala currently stands at 97 per cent.
Mr. Banda further stated that some projects have faced financial inflow challenges but that they were being addressed.
Meanwhile the RDA says that Eastern Province will receive about 70 kilometres of road works under the Pave Zambia Project.
Senior Engineer, Joseph Mubiyana says that the project is still under phase one, where 230,000 pavers have been moulded and will move into the second phase of actual works.
Mr. Mubiyana explained that some township roads that were not tarred under the project being done by Sable Construction Company in Chipata will be paved in Kapata, East Rise, Magwero and Gonda Barracks.
And Mr. Mubiyana explained that Motal Angel has opted to wait a bit on working on Umodzi Highway to allow companies with underground installations finish their re-root works.
He says that the completion of road works on Umodzi Highway will highly depend on how fast Zamtel will remove communication cables.

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