The Referendum on Bill of Rights has failed.

The Referendum to introduce the enhanced Bill of Rights in the Zambian Constitution has failed to go through.

Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ Chairperson, Justice Esau Chulu announced this morning that the referendum has failed because the number of people who voted was less than half of the number of people entitled to vote in the country.

Justice Chulu explained that for the referendum to go through, half of the number of people entitled to vote, who are eighteen years and above in the country should have participated.

He says that currently Zambia has 7,528,091 people entitled to vote, meaning that 3,764,046 voters needed to have participated in the referendum.

Justice Chulu however, says that only 3,345,471 votes were cast, with the Yes Vote recording 1,852,559 while the No vote recorded 753,549.

Rejected votes were 739,363.

And Justice Chulu stated that ECZ has no involvement in the next course of action concerning the referendum because it was only assigned to facilitate the voting process.

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