The Road Development Agency is considering putting a dual carriageway on Umodzi Highway in Chipata.

The Road Development Agency RDA is considering putting up a dual carriage way on Umodzi highway in Chipata.

RDA Regional Engineer, Thomas Zimba further says that RDA is considering constructing a bypass road from the dry port of Chipata-Mchniji Railway line to pass through St. Monica’s and join the Great East Road.

Speaking during a live radio programme on Breeze FM, Mr. Zimba says that this will be done to decongest traffic on roads within the district.

He also explained that the dual carriageway will be extended up to the Chadiza turnoff.

And speaking during the same programme, RDA Senior Manager for Public Relations, Loyce Saili says owners of structures that will be affected by the rehabilitation of the Great East Road will not be compensated.

Ms. Saili explained that people are aware that any structure should be built 50 meters away from main roads.

Meanwhile Ms. Saili says that works on the Great East road will also involve widening of the road and reducing the curves.

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