The salary increment awarded to teachers continues to receive mixed reactions.

The Zambia National Union of Teachers ZNUT in Mambwe district has joined ZNUT in Chipata in condemning the salary increment offered by government.
District Chairperson Weston Phiri has told Breeze News that the salary increment ranging from 4.3 per cent to 19.4 per cent is not enough.
Mr. Phiri says that ZNUT expected government to increase the salary by a higher percentage because of the two years wage freeze.

And Mr. Phiri has advised the Ministry of Education to quickly sort out challenges, which characterised ICT, Information Communication Technology practical examinations for grade nine held on Tuesday this week.
He noted that government needs to procure enough computers so that what happened on Tuesday does not happen again.
Mr. Phiri however, commended teachers who assisted the pupils by giving them their own computers to use during the examinations.
He says that what happened on Tuesday is a clear indication of why teachers should be given better salaries.

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