The shortage of fuel in Chipata district has continued with diesel users also affected.

The shortage of fuel in Chipata has taken a twist with filling stations running out of Diesel while supply of has remained erratic.
A check by Breeze News showed that some filling stations have run out of both Petrol and Diesel while others had Petrol but no diesel.
Only one filling station was selling Diesel causing panic among motorists who have now resorted to even buying the commodity using containers.
And MMD, the Movement for Multi – Party Democracy says that government should issue a statement on the erratic supply of fuel in Chipata because people do not know anything.
MMD Provincial Chairperson, Alexander Miti says that the erratic supply of fuel is an indication that something is wrong in the Ministry of Energy.
Mr. Miti pointed out that it is important for government to explain on the matter because fuel has a serious impact on the economy.

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