The UNPD to stop export of maize if voted into government on August 11.

The United Party for National Development UNPD says that it will not export maize if voted into government on August 11.

UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema says that under its ten point plan, the UPND will encourage export of finished products.

Mr. Hichilema says that his government will be exporting mealie meal to Malawi and Mozambique and stock feed to countries like Botswana.

Speaking on a Political Programme on QFM Radio this morning, monitored by Breeze News, Mr. Hichilema further indicated that foreign transporters will not be given government contracts.

He says that all contracts involving transportation of goods like maize and copper will be awarded to local contractors to encourage job creation.

The UPND leader took a swipe at President Edgar Lungu accusing him of having run down the economy in less than two years that he has been head of state.

He laughed off statements from PF that there is nothing that needs fixing in the country, stating that the high prices of mealie meal are beyond the reach of Zambians, the Zambian kwacha has depreciated, power load shedding has become consistent while medical facilities do not have drugs.

And Mr. Hichilema complained that his party is not receiving coverage from the public media, who prefer to cover the president, vice president, ministers and the PF party.

He challenged President Lungu to face him on live television and radio debates so that Zambians can have a clear understanding on who will make a better president after August 11.

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