The UPND says procedure was not followed when increasing salaries for the President and ministers.

The United Party for National Development, UPND says that procedure for increasing salaries for the President and ministers was not followed.
UPND Vice President, Canicius Banda says that the issue of increasing the salaries was not taken before parliament for debate.
Speaking during political hour programme, Dr. Banda says that UPND only supports the salary increment for civil servants and not for the president and his ministers.
He described as misleading the statement from republican president, Michael Sata that salaries and allowances for the President, Vice- President, Chief Whip, Leader of Opposition, Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and Members of Parliament are determined by the Standing Orders Committee of Parliament because this was not done.
And the, UPND, has observed that Zambia’s economy can only grow if challenges faced by many people are addressed.
Dr. Banda has noted that the PF, Patriotic Front government needs to ensure that people have access to clean water, sanitation, health services, education and food.
The UPND Vice President also charged that the 2014 National Budget is problematic as it does not assure people that their problems will be solved.
Meanwhile speaking on the same programme, Deputy UPND National Spokesperson Edwin Lufwekelo states that he is saddened that colossal sums of money will, again, be spent on by elections after the nullification of the Zambezi West and Vubwi parliamentary seats.
Mr. Lufwekelo states that it would have been wise if money was spent on infrastructure development especially in the newly created districts.
He, however, says that the party is ready to defend the nullified seats once the dates for the by-election are announced.

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